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Complex Metal Housing is Replaced by Stable TSG Components


A standard examination at the ophthalmologist is the measurement of the visual field. The heart of the eye perimeter used for this measurement is the hemispherical cupola. There are high quality requirements associated with the manufacturing process, in particular injection moulding and painting. Fried experts explain how complex, highly functionalized components with challenging contours can be developed for injection moulding. There is no need for time-consuming, costly reworking such as deburring or re-milling.

Light Impuls in a Hemisphere

Perimetry is the systematic measurement of the visual field in ophthalmology. The aim of the investigation is to determine on the one hand the outer and inner limits of the field of vision and on the other hand the sensitivity of the visual system in the perceived space. During the examination, optical stimuli are presented one after the other at the different locations. The perception of these stimuli depending on their location and their strength will be recorded. The automated visual field examination with the Octopus 900 Perimeter is used in particular to monitor the progression of glaucoma.


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