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Kunststoffteile Fertigung Medizintechnik

Module Manufacture for a Global Player of 3D Measurement Technology


Responsible project manager at a leading global manufacturer of 3D position measurement systems for medical technology, gives insights into the long-term cooperation with Fried Kunststofftechnik. The reason for the cooperation was a significantly increased demand for a product that had previously been provided with a mechanically processed housing. This was replaced by an injection-moulded housing and component assembly was also outsourced.

Our partnership has been going on for more than five years. What was the reason you teamed up with Fried?

Our team asked several suppliers for the project, all of whom we analysed and rated internally using a criteria catalog. Based on the evaluation, two companies were shortlisted. The impact strength of the material played a decisive role in the decision in favour of Fried. The prototypes produced with TSG injection moulding withstood the mechanical test requirements best and remained completely undamaged.


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