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Medical Devices & Healthcare

Fried Injection Moulding, Coating and Assembly for Medical Equipment

Developed for doctors and patients. Manufactured for the most demanding requirements.

Whether it’s man-sized moulding parts for a computer tomograph or plastic components for other medical devices – Fried develops precision for the laboratory, the practice and the surgery. Cost-efficient, precise fit, stable design and with perfectly coated surfaces.

Key Advantages

  • Fried as a partner at eye level, with all quality standards of the industry
  • Highest precision and fitting accuracy of plastic parts
  • High surface resistance due to a special coating and coating systems
  • Antibacterial coating systems
  • Cost-efficient production of small series through injection moulding process
  • Easy production of small and medium quantities with a high number of options possible
  • Robust and flame-retardant components due to various UL-listed materials


Computer Tomograph

Efficiency begins with production. Through a polymer-compatible construction using structural foam injection moulding, integration of assembly elements and robot-based painting. Complex metal constructions are replaced by high-strength plastic components, thus reducing the costs for our customers.


Shockwave Therapy

Stability, shock resistance and absolute temperature resistance are the most important requirements that the medical devices must meet. This also applies to the device for shock wave therapy with diagnostic ultrasound. With a lot of know-how and experience, Fried manufactures plastic parts with perfect, individually printed surfaces which convince both customers and the end-users. Multiple tools can be used to cost-efficiently produce small batches.



A high-end endoscope for vessel sealing was developed together with Fried’s design support, tool project planning and parts manufacturing using the structural foam moulding process. It also sets standards in surface coating. To ensure that the device housing can withstand the daily stresses and strains, the outside was made with an elaborate textured coating finish. A conductive copper coating is used on the inside for EMC shielding.


3D X-ray Machine

The 3D X-ray unit with flex arm sets new standards in imaging procedures: For highly complex procedures, the device allows physicians to quickly and clearly visualize critical anatomies and changes in the patient during the procedure. Fried manufactures and supplies the housing parts for all C-arms.