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Fried Kunststofftechnik setzt mittlerweile verstärkt auf

Water-based Painting


Developed for the practical use. Coated for the environment.

Nearly solvent-free paints

To protect medical equipment from aggressive cleaning agents and body fluids, the surfaces can be coated. Depending on customer requirements, these protective paints can also offer other properties, such as conductivity for electromagnetic shielding. It is now possible to develop coatings almost without solvents.

Modern medical technology is a high-tech industry. This is also reflected in the surfaces of the devices. Nowadays many devices have coating. The surface of medical devices has to meet a variety of requirements in tough everyday conditions. They frequently come into contact with acidic, alkaline or oxidizing organic and inorganic cleaning and disinfecting agents. These substances must not cause any changes to the surface even after prolonged exposure. In addition, these substances and bodily fluids must be easy to remove. Furthermore, high scratch and impact resistance is a must, especially for the base parts.


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