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Infektionsschutz durch selbstdesinfizierende Oberflächen

Self-disinfecting Surfaces


One of Fried’s reliable partners and suppliers Company for industrial paints is the company Haering GmbH, which has developed a new surface technology in March 2020. The new product HAERA® AntiMikrobiell Aktiv is an antimicrobial coating that creates a permanently self-disinfecting surface. Fried interviews the sales manager of Haering, Mr. Michael Zeitler, to find out more about this special new coating.

Good day Mr. Zeitler. Can you explain how the antimicrobial coating works?

Germs, viruses, spores and fungi are transferred to surfaces through contact. The photocatalyst in the coating starts to work by visible light and transmits the energy to the surrounding oxygen. Activated oxygen is created. This activated oxygen kills micro-organisms and disinfects the surface.

That means that a surface disinfects by itself through the coating.

Yes, by itself and only through the action of light and oxygen. The two-component coating system ensures basic hygiene, helps to close hygiene gaps between cleaning processes and can prevent further germs spreading.


Pictures Copyright: HAERING GmbH

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