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Die Weltmeere gemeinsam sauber halten

Keeping the Oceans Cleaner


The use of plastics has been the subject of intense public debate in recent years. The pollution of the world’s oceans by packaging waste is an important global problem to be solved. The advantages of plastics for technical products, such as in medical devices, energy-efficient windows or in transport facilities are often forgotten in discussions – but even here there is a potential for improvement. In 2020, Fried joined a global initiative “Zero Pellet Loss” of the plastics industry in order to avoid granulate losses in the production. The project could be implemented within a few months and thus a contribution to the reduction of plastic waste was made.

Why is it extremely important to reduce Plastic Waste?

For several years, the concern of marine biologists, environmental organizations and politicians is growing due to the accumulation of waste in the oceans. The amount of waste in the Atlantic and Pacific is estimated by the EU Commission at around 100 million tonnes – a large part of which is plastic. The majority of packaging waste comes from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.* Only a very small part of this waste are pellets. Nevertheless, they are found in rivers, on beaches and in the sea. Only the plastics producing and processing industry, together with their logistics partners, can actively contain these losses.


Infographic 1 Copyright: Martin Künsting
Infographic 2 Copyright: OSPAR Commission

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