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Mechanical Engineering

Fried Injection Moulding, Coating and Assembly for Mechanical Engineering

With highest precision for highest demands

Stability, resilience, resistance: These are the main requirements for components in mechanical and apparatus engineering. Here, injection moulding offers an equivalent and cost-efficient alternative to metal casting – not least thanks to maximum precision and reduced production steps. This is why more and more well-known machine and apparatus manufacturers are relying on Fried.

Key Advantages

  • Precision fit, stability and mechanical strength due to structural foam components
  • Highest quality, from material to production to coating and design
  • Substitution of several components with one structural foam component
  • structural foam moulding combines functional and design elements in one component
  • Comprehensive know-how in the manufacturing of components with high wall thicknesses
  • Components are protected against electromagnetic fields by copper conductive coating
  • Consistent quality and dimensions through controlled processes and tool-bound geometries


Milling Machine

The milling machine of this manufacturer stands for a consistent design with consistent design elements. This gives all machines a uniform appearance. And this applies to all variants, starting from the keyboard housing to the machine control system, Fried offers injection-moulded plastic parts with precise dimensions and a high-quality coating finish.


Knitting Machine

The knitting machine stands for speed, flexibility and productivity. With three systems and a working width of 127 cm, the machine knits complex patterns such as intarsia patterns in a short time. With smooth changeover between structure, distribution and offset patterns, the coating machine offers very short set-up and adjustment times. With dimensionally accurate structural foam components coated on the outside and inside, Fried ensures a robust housing suitable for everyday use.