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Fried Kunststofftechnik fertigt eine stabile und komplex geformte Basis für OP-Tische, Herz-Lungen-Maschinen oder mobile Röntgengeräte.

High-strength Device Stands


The best recipe for cost reduction in medical technology: Fried.

Large-volume equipment support made from structural foam injection moulding

Metal is not the only material from which large equipment support can be made. A stable and complex shaped support for operating tables, heart-lung pumping machines or mobile X-ray equipment can also be injection moulded.

Metal castings or sheet metal constructions – these are traditionally used to make equipment support in medical technology. As an alternative, however, the use of injection moulded parts can also be considered. These are in no way inferior to the conventional design and even offer additional advantages: In contrast to metal, an injection-moulded part no longer has to be post-processed (manually). The parts are immediately ready for assembly, which shortens throughput times in production and thus lowers the costs. In addition, highly complex structures can also be integrated into the mould, such as devices for steering, castors, wheels and brake systems, as well as brackets for engines, cable ducts and connections.


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