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Fried as an Equal Partner for Solutions with the Highest Requirements


Uster Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-tech products, systems and solutions for quality control in the textile industry. The smallest fluctuations in the quality of a yarn over a longer period of time play an important role and determine profit or loss in the production. Therefore, all filament yarn measurement systems must meet the highest requirements: The components are manufactured at Fried with the highest quality, from the material to the injection moulding process and painting.

Fried wins Supplier Benchmark

In February 2014, Uster conducted a selection process among several internationally operating suppliers. After an extensive benchmarking process, the decision was made for Fried. Uster was impressed by the overall package of the Swabian family-owned company: Fried takes on responsibility for the toolmaking processes, has great skills in painting and manufacturing capacities for series production. “The size of the company is also perfect. As a customer you never feel “too small” and this was, among other things, a decisive criterion for us,”- says Mr. Markus Schenker, Head of Strategic Purchasing at Uster.


Pictures Copyright: Uster Technologies AG

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