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Für die Firma Freee Mobility erfolgt die ganze Produktion von der Komponentenbeschaffung bis zur Komplettmontage des Endproduktes am Standort Urbach.

Fried Develops and Manufactures Electric Wheelchair


Fried develops cutting edge technology for disabled persons. The development of integrated, customer-specific solutions is a special service, from which many Fried Kunststofftechnik customers can benefit. The entire production for the company Freee Mobility, from the procurement of components to the complete assembly of the end product, takes place at the Urbach location. The result is an enormously demanding product from a single source in tested quality – the Freee F2.

Segway-based outdoor wheelchair

The electric wheelchair Freee F2 is based on Segway PT SE i2 and represents a special kind of a mobility aid. It helps people with paraplegia, muscle diseases or walking disabilities to achieve a new level of mobility – even off the beaten track. Whether it be cobblestones, sandy beaches, woods and meadows or challenging mountain routes: There almost isn’t any terrain the Freee F2 electric wheelchair could not drive on.


The Freee F2’s dynamic stabilization technology with its five gyroscopes is measuring terrain and body position 100 times per second and is permanently balancing wheelchair and body steadily. An inclination forward is turned to a forward movement, an inclination backward brakes, respectively leads to a backward movement. The driving direction is controlled by the handlebar being moved to the left or to the right – an easy and beautiful form of moving intuitively.


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