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Laboratory & Analysis Equipment

Fried Injection Moulding, Coating and Assembly for Laboratory & Analysis Equipment

Sturdy, shapely and functional: Housing for the equipment installation

When it comes to laboratory and analytical equipment, the highest precision is always required. This starts with the highly complex components with demanding contours. Special quality requirements are placed on foam injection moulding and coating. We fulfil them – also from an economic point of view.

Key Advantages

  • Production of complex, dimensionally stable and precisely fitting components with demanding contours
  • Coating systems for use in pure laboratory conditions
  • Reduction of the number of components
  • Production of small and medium quantities in a wide range of products
  • High-tech plastics replace metal structures at economic prices



The perimeter for facial measurement is used in every standard examination at the ophthalmologist. The heart of the device is the hemispherical cupola. Due to their function, their geometry must come very close to the ideal spherical shape. The quality requirements for injection moulding and coating are correspondingly high. The injectionmoulded and multi-coloured coated components offer functional connections and meet the design specifications. Complex, cost-intensive reworking such as deburring and remilling is no longer necessary.


Thermal Cycler

High precision and robustness are expected from this high-performance thermocycler for the amplification of DNA by PCR. As with our dimensionally stable components.