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Prüfung von lackierten Oberflächen bei Fried Kunststofftechnik

How to Inspect Painted Surfaces


To achieve zero-defect production, subjective and objective evaluation methods are used at Fried. 100% quality can only be achieved if characteristics and tolerances are clearly defined. With Fried-standards and modern measuring methods, Fried comes one step closer to achieving this goal every day.

Testing of wet paint

In order to achieve stable processes, knowing and controlling your coating parameters is essential. One of these parameters is the viscosity, which describes the dynamics of a fluid. Paint suppliers must supply their paint according to the specifications of Fried and deliver these values within batch protocols. Since the viscosity is temperature-dependent, the coating is measured again before application and adjusted to the required value if necessary.

Inspection of painted surfaces

The inspection of painted surfaces can be divided into two areas: subjective inspection and objective inspection. Correct inspection conditions are essential for subjective assessment. Viewing distance, viewing time and lighting conditions must be defined and maintained so that comparable inspections can be carried out at the customer’s and supplier’s premises. At Fried, these and other criteria are laid down in a Fried-specific inspection document, which is also used by many our customers.


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